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Septembre 2019
  11 septembre 2019, 10h00, Amphithéâtre, Séminaire-invité, Cyrille TRAIN, Des champs magnétiques (intenses) pour sonder et contrôler des systèmes moléculaires (chiraux),
  12 septembre 2019, 16h00, Amphithéâtre, Conférence du-jeudi, Julien NICOLAS Institut Galien Paris-Sud, Vinyl Polymers for Biomedical Applications,
In the first part of this lecture, we report on the design of a new class of polymer prodrug nanocarriers by using the "drug-initiated" method (Figure 1a), which consists in the controlled growth of vinyl polymers from anticancer drug-bearing controlling agents to prepare well-defined and high drug content polymer prodrug nanoparticles with in vitro and in vivo anticancer activity. This method was applied to different drugs (e.g., Gemcitabine, Cladribine, Paclitaxel), different polymers and different drug/polymer linkers to adjust the drug release kinetics and thus the cytotoxicity. Fluorescent polymer prodrugs were also produced in a similar fashion from a fluorescent dye-bearing controlling agent. This approach was further developed to yield heterotelechelic polymer prodrugs for combination therapy and imaging.In the second part of the lecture, we present our recent achievements to confer degradability to vinyl polymers by using controlled radical ring-opening polymerization using cyclic ketene acetal monomers. In particular, 2-methylene-4-phenyl-1,3-dioxolane (MPDL) was copolymerized with oligo(ethylene glycol) methyl ether methacrylate (OEGMA, Figure 1b) or methyl methacrylate by NMP to produce well-defined, non-cytotoxic and degradable copolymers. This approach was applied to the "drug-initiated" synthesis of degradable polymer prodrug nanocarriers with tunable cytotoxicity towards cancer cells. Other radical copolymerization systems leading to degradable vinyl materials will also be presented.
  17 septembre 2019, 10h30, Amphithéâtre, Séminaire-invité, Pavel YAZHGUR (Département de physique, Université de Fribourg, Suisse), Amorphous photonic materials fabricated by colloidal self-assembly,
  25 septembre 2019, 14h30, Salle de l’Oeuf, Séminaire d'équipe, Oren REGEV (Ben-Gurion University), Cement based materials loaded for enhancing mechanical properties,
  26 septembre 2019, 16h15, Amphithéâtre, Conférence du-jeudi, Sébasten MONGRAND Laboratoire de Biogenèse Membranaire - UMR 5200, La domestication des espèces animales et végétales. Quand l'homme cultive son jardin.,
Octobre 2019
  01 octobre 2019, 11h00, Amphithéâtre, Séminaire-invité, Claudia Bonfio, Towards the emergence of modern cell membranes,
  03 octobre 2019, 10h30, Amphithéâtre, Séminaire-invité, Oren REGEV (Ben-Gurion University), Thermal Conductivity of Carbon Based Composites,
  15 octobre 2019, 16h00, Amphithéâtre, Séminaire Paul-Pascal, Eric GRELET, Topological defects in soft self-assemblies,
  18 octobre 2019, 10h30, Amphithéâtre, Soutenance de thèse, Raj KUMAR, Soft acoustic gradient materials,

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