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Juillet 2018
  06 juillet 2018, 14h00, Amphithéâtre, Séminaire-invité, Alan DALTON (Univ. Sussex), Nanoscale Building Blocks For Tomorrow’s Technologies,
  11 juillet 2018, 10h30, Amphithéâtre, Séminaire d'équipe, Patrick SNABRE, Speckle methods to infer the stability and the aging of soft matter systems,
  12 juillet 2018, 16h15, Amphithéâtre, Conférence du-jeudi, Catherine BARENTIN, Mouillage des fluides complexes,
Mots clés : Fluides complexes, capillarité, mouillage .
Yield-stress fluids such as emulsions, suspensions, gels or foams exhibit interesting mechanical properties depending on the applied stress. Indeed they behave like an elastic below a critical stress called "yield stress" and flow like a liquid above it. This intermediate behavior solid/liquid makes them particularly interesting for applications (food industry, cosmetics, building industry), but fundamentally difficult to describe. In this seminar, I will study the wetting properties of yield stress fluids by performing three capillary experiments: a) capillary rise [1] , b) adhesion due to a capillary bridge [2] and c) spreading of a droplet of a yied-stress fluid. In the case of simple fluids, such experiments are classical and the wetting laws (Jurin's law or Young law) are well kown. Here I will study the influence of the yield stress on the final capillary rise or on the final contact angle. I will also show the strong impact of the dynamical history and of the boundary conditions. More importantly, I will show that exploring the competition between surface tension, which is an equilibrium property, and yield stress effects that often keep the system out of thermodynamical equilibrium due to a dynamical arrest is possible as soon as force balances are performed.
  13 juillet 2018, 9h30, Amphithéâtre, Soutenance de thèse, Pierre-Etienne ROUET (CRPP-ICMCB), Synthèse et assemblages covalents de particules à patchs : vers de nouvelles molécules colloïdales, rouet@crpp-bordeaux.cnrs.fr,
Mots clés : Particules à patchs, assemblage, valence, molécules colloïdales, chimie covalente, clusters chiraux .
  16 juillet 2018, 16h30, Salle de l’Oeuf, Séminaire-invité, Cecilia de CARVALHO CASTRO e SILVA, Ultra-Highly Sensitive Electrical Detection of Breast Cancer Biomarkers Using Graphene Field Effect Transistors Decorated with Metal Nanoparticles,
  23 juillet 2018, 10h30, Amphithéâtre, Séminaire d'équipe, Esther Amstad (Soft Materials Laboratory, Institute of Materials, Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Switzerland), Drops: A tool to structure materials,
Septembre 2018
  04 septembre 2018, 11h00, Amphithéâtre, Séminaire-invité, Anthony Dichiara (University of Washington, USA), Cellulose based nanomaterials for multifunctional sensing and environmental remediation,
  05 septembre 2018, 10h30, Salle de l’Oeuf, Séminaire d'équipe, Laurence TALINI, Surface fluctuations or How to measure properties of soft matter systems without contact,
Mots clés : Interfaces, fluctuations, élasticité, viscosité .

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