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  P113-12000.M. Holynska, R. Clérac, T. Langer, R. Pöttgen and S. Dehnen "Selective syntheses, structures and magnetic properties of Fe(III) complexes of different nuclearities", Polyhedron, 52, 1425-1430, (2013) - 10.1016/j.poly.2012.04.026
  P113-11909.W. Harreither, R. Trouillon, P. Poulin, W. Neri, A.G. Ewing and G. Safina "Carbon nanotube fiber microelectrodes show a higher resistance to Dopamine fouling", Anal. Chem., 85, 15, 7447-7453, (2013) - 10.1021/ac401399s
  P113-11906.D.W. Horn, G. Ao, M. Maugey, C. Zakri, P. Poulin and V.A. Davis "Dispersion State and Fiber Toughness: Antibacterial Lysozyme-Single Walled Carbon Nanotubes", Adv. Funct. Mater., 23, 6082-6090, (2013) - 10.1002/adfm.201300221
  P113-11904.A. Pradhan, P. Dechambenoit, H. Bock and F. Durola "Twisted Polycyclic Arenes by Intramolecular Scholl Reactions of C3-Symmetric Precursors", J. Org. Chem., 78, 2266-2274, (2013) - 10.1021/jo3027752
  P113-11902.B. Percier, T. Divoux and N. Taberlet "Insights on the local dynamics induced by thermal cycling in granular matter", EPL, 104 , 24001, 1-6, (2013) - 10.1209/0295-5075/104/24001
  P113-11901.E. Suraniti, F. Kanoufi, C. Gosse, X. Zhao, R. Dimova,B. Pouligny and N. Sojic "Electrochemical Detection of Single Microbeads Manipulated by Optical Tweezers in the Vicinity of Ultramicroelectrodes ", Anal. Chem., 85, 8902 − 890, (2013) - 10.1021/ac402200p
  P113-11892.S. Biswas, A. Dutta, M. Dolai, I. Bhowmick, M. Rouzières, H-Man Lee, R. Clérac and M. Ali "Dinuclear CuII–CuII and CuI–CuII Complexes of a Compartmental Ligand – Syntheses, Structures, Magnetic, and Catalytic Studies", Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 4922–4930, (2013) - 10.1002/ejic.201300576
  P113-11870.R. Benoit, V. Hornebecq, F. Weill, L. Lecren, X. Bourrat and M. Tréguer-Delapierre "Bottom-up solution chemistry approaches for nanostructured thermoelectric materials", J. Mater. Chem. A, 1, 14221-14226, (2013) - 10.1039/c3ta12896b
  P113-11851.M. Geletu1, S. Guy, R. Arulanandam, H. Feracci and L. Raptis "Engaged for survival From cadherin ligation to STAT3 activation", JAK-STAT, e27363 (2), 4, 1-8, (2013) - 10.4161/jkst.27363
  P113-11847.T. Brunet, K. Zimny, B. Mascaro, O. Sandre, O. Poncelet, C. Aristégui and O. Mondain-Monval "Tuning Mie Scattering Resonances in Soft Materials with Magnetic Fields", Phys. Rev. Lett., 111, 264301, 1-5, (2013) - 10.1103/PhysRevLett.111.264301
  P113-11846.C. Benbayer, S. Saïdi-Besbes, E. Grelet and A. Derdour "Structure–property study of new [1,2,3]-triazole liquid crystalline derivatives", Liq. Cryst., 40, 11, 1520-1528, (2013) - 10.1080/02678292.2013.822111
  P113-11845.H. Medlej, H. Awada, M. Abbas, G. Wantz, A. Bousquet, E. Grelet, K. Hariri, T. Hamieh, R. C. Hiorns and C. Dagron-Lartigau "Effect of spacer insertion in a commonly used dithienosilole/benzothiadiazole-based low band gap copolymer for polymer solar cells", Eur. Polym. J. , 49, 4176-4188, (2013) - 10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2013.09.025
  P113-11844.S. Naderi, E. Pouget, P. Ballesta, P. van der Schoot, M. P. Lettinga and E. Grelet "Fractional Hoppinglike Motion in Columnar Mesophases of Semiflexible Rodlike Particles", Phys. Rev. Lett., 111, 037801, 1-5, (2013) - 10.1103/PhysRevLett.111.037801
  P113-11843.E. Pouget and E. Grelet "Dispersions of Monodisperse Hybrid Rod-Like Particles by Mineralization of Filamentous Viruses", Langmuir, 29, 8010−8016, (2013) - 10.1021/la401170m
  P113-11840.L. Maillaud, C. Zakri, I. Ly, A. Penicaud and P. Poulin "Conductivity of transparent electrodes made from interacting nanotubes ", Appl. Phys. Lett., 103, 263106, 1-5, (2013) - 10.1063/1.4858215
  P113-11839.C. Mathonière, H-J. Lin, D. Siretanu, R. Clérac and J.M. Smith "Photoinduced Single-Molecule Magnet Properties in a Four-Coordinate Iron(II) Spin Crossover Complex", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135, 19083−19086, (2013) - 10.1021/ja410643s
  P113-11835.P.V. Dolganov, V.K. Dolganov and P. Cluzeau "The Effect of Spontaneous Polarization on TwoDimensional Elasticity of Smectic Liquid Crystals", J. Exp. Theor. Phys., 116, 6, 1043-1049, (2013) - 10.1134/S1063776113060162
  P113-11834.J. Eccher, G.C. Faria, Harald Bock, H. von Seggern and I.H. Bechtold "Order Induced Charge Carrier Mobility Enhancement in Columnar Liquid Crystal Diodes", Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 5, 11935−11943, (2013) - 10.1021/am403681q
  P113-11833.S. Dhers, H.L.C. Feltham, R. Clérac and S. Brooker "Design of One-Dimensional Coordination Networks from a Macrocyclic {3d-4f} Single-Molecule Magnet Precursor Linked by [W(CN)8]3− Anions", Inorg. Chem., 52, 13685−13691, (2013) - 10.1021/ic402248y
  P113-11831.V. Mereacre, F. Klöwer, Y. Lan, R. Clérac, J.A. Wolny, V. Schünemann, C.E. Anson and A.K. Powell "Spin relaxation in antiferromagnetic Fe–Fe dimers slowed down by anisotropic DyIII ions", Beilstein J. Nanotechnol., 4, 807–814, (2013) - 10.3762/bjnano.4.92
  P113-11829.E. Barthel, R. Roquigny, L. Serreau, R. Denoyel, M. Clerc-Imperor and Carlos Drummond "Contact Interaction of Double-Chained Surfactant Layers on Silica: Bilayer Rupture and Capillary Bridge Formation ", Langmuir, 29, 14473−14481, (2013) - 10.1021/la403044x
  P113-11828.Y. Le Gal, N. Bellec, F. Barrière, R. Clérac, M. Fourmigué, V. Dorcet, T. Roisnel and D. Lorcy "A sulfur rich electron acceptor and its [Fe(Cp*)2]+ charge transfer salt with ferromagnetic interactions", Dalton Trans., 42, 16672-16675, (2013) - 10.1039/c3dt52725e
  P113-11827.V. Schmitt and V. Ravaine "Surface compaction versus stretching in Pickering emulsions stabilised by microgels", Curr. Opin. Colloid Interface Sci., 18, 532–541, (2013) - 10.1016/j.cocis.2013.11.004
  P113-11826.T. Kajiya, T. Narita, V. Schmitt, F. Lequeux and L. Talini "Slow dynamics and intermittent quakes in soft glassy systems", Soft Matter, 9, 11129 – 11135, (2013) - 10.1039/c3sm51992a
  P113-11825.D.A. Safin, M.G. Babashkina, K. Robeyns, M. Rouzières, R. Clérac and Y. Garcia "From a mononuclear NiII precursor to antiferromagnetically coupled trinuclear double-stranded helicates", Dalton Trans., 42, 16470–16473, (2013) - 10.1039/c3dt52387j
  P113-11824.B.B. Gerbelli, R.L. Rubim, E.R. Silva, F. Nallet, L. Navailles, C.L.P. Oliveira and E.A. de Oliveira "Steric-Induced Effects on Stabilizing a Lamellar Structure", Langmuir, 29, 13717−13722, (2013) - 10.1021/la402962c
  P113-11822.J. Feuersenger, D. Prodius, V. Mereacre, R. Clérac, C.E. Anson and A.K. Powell "Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of hexanuclear CoIII–LnIII clusters", Polyhedron, 66, 257–263, (2013) - 10.1016/j.poly.2013.05.010
  P113-11819.S. Giasson, J-M. Lagleize, J. Rodríguez-Hernández and Carlos Drummond "Boundary Lubricant Polymer Films: Effect of Cross-Linking", Langmuir, 29, 12936−12949, (2013) - 10.1021/la402074n
  P113-11818.T. Brunet, J. Leng and O. Mondain-Monval "Soft Acoustic Metamaterials", Science, 342, 323, 323-324, (2013) - 10.1126/science.1241727
  P113-11816.X. Feng, C. Mathonière, I-R. Jeon, M. Rouzières, A. Ozarowski, M.L. Aubrey, M.I. Gonzalez, R. Clérac and J.R. Long "Tristability in a Light-Actuated Single-Molecule Magnet", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135, 15880−15884, (2013) - 10.1021/ja407332y
  P113-11815.A. Patwa, G. Salgadob, F. Dole, L. Navailles and P. Barthélémy "Tuning molecular interactions in Lipid-Oligonucleotides assemblies via locked nucleic acid (LNA)-based lipids", Org. Biomol. Chem., 11, 7108–7112, (2013) - 10.1039/C3OB41707G
  P113-11814.A. Désert, C. Hubert, Z. Fu, L. Moulet, J. Majimel, P. Barboteau, A. Thill, M. Lansalot, E. Bourgeat-Lami, E. Duguet and S. Ravaine "Synthesis and Site-Specific Functionalization of Tetravalent, Hexavalent, and Dodecavalent Silica Particles", Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 52, 11068 –11072, (2013) - 10.1002/anie.201304273
  P113-11813.J.G. DaSilva, R. Clérac and J.S. Miller "Pressure Induced Crossover between a Ferromagnetic and a Canted Antiferromagnetic State for [Bis(pentamethylcyclopentadienyl)-iron(III)][Tetracyanoethenide], [FeCp2*][TCNE] ", Inorg. Chem., 52, 11677-11683, (2013) - 10.1021/ic4021959
  P113-11812.J. Huang, G. Wu, J. Bai, Y. Jiang, G. Li, S. Qiu and R. Clérac "Synthesis of an ST = 7 [Mn3] Mixed-Valence Complex Based on 1,3- Propanediol Ligand Derivatives and Its One-Dimensional Assemblies", Inorg. Chem., 52, 11051-11059, (2013) - 10.1021/ic401269p
  P113-11811.J. Angly, A. Iazzolino, J-B. Salmon, J. Leng, S. P. Chandran, V. Ponsinet, A. Désert, A. Le Beulze, S. Mornet, M. Tréguer-Delapierre and M.A. Correa-Duarte "Microfluidic-Induced Growth and Shape-Up of Three-Dimensional Extended Arrays of Densely Packed Nanoparticles", ACS Nano, 7, 8, 6465-6477, (2013) - 10.1021/nn401764r
  P113-11810.M. Destribats, M. Wolfs, F. Pinaud, V. Lapeyre, E. Sellier, V. Schmitt and V. Ravaine "Pickering Emulsions Stabilized by Soft Microgels: Influence of the Emulsification Process on Particle Interfacial Organization and Emulsion Properties", Langmuir, 29, 12367-12374, (2013) - 10.1021/la402921b
  P113-11808.S. Ungureanu, G. Sigaud, G.L. Vignoles, C. Lorrette, M. Birot, H. Deleuze and R. Backov "First Biosourced Monolithic Macroporous SiC/C Composite Foams (Bio-SiC/C(HIPE)) Bearing Unprecedented Heat Transport Properties", Adv. Eng. Mater., 15, 10, 893–902, (2013) - 10.1002/adem.201300015
  P113-11806.C. Zamora-Ledezma, L. Buisson, S. E. Moulton, G. Wallace, C. Zakri, C. Blanc, E. Anglaret and P. Poulin "Carbon Nanotubes Induced Gelation of Unmodified Hyaluronic Acid", Langmuir, 29, 10247−10253, (2013) - 10.1021/la4016492
  P113-11805.R. Ababei, C. Pichon, O. Roubeau, Y-G. Li, N. Bréfuel, L. Buisson, P. Guionneau, C. Mathonière and R. Clérac "Rational Design of a Photomagnetic Chain: Bridging Single-Molecule Magnets with a Spin-Crossover Complex", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135, 14840−14853, (2013) - 10.1021/ja407570n
  P113-11804.A. Baron, A. Iazzolino, K. Ehrhardt, J-B. Salmon, A. Aradian, V. Kravets, A.N. Grigorenko, J. Leng, A. Le Beulze, M. Tréguer-Delapierre, M.A. Correa-Duarte and P. Barois "Bulk optical metamaterials assembled by microfluidic evaporation ", Opt. Mater. Express, 3, 11, 1792-1797, (2013) - 10.1364/OME.3.001792
  P113-11802.A. Prévoteau and N. Mano "How the reduction of O2on enzymes and/or redox mediators affects the calibration curve of “wired” glucose oxidase and glucose dehydrogenase biosensors", Electrochim. Acta, 112, 318– 326, (2013) - 10.1016/j.electacta.2013.08.173
  P113-11801.E.M. Fatila, R. Clérac, M. Jennings and K.E. Preuss "McConnell I mechanism promotes ferromagnetic interactions between π-stacked Ni(II)–thiazyl complexes", Chem. Commun., 49, 9431--9433, (2013) - 10.1039/c3cc45605f
  P113-11800.E.M. Fatila, R. Clérac, M. Rouzières, D.V. Soldatov, M. Jennings and K.E. Preuss "High-Spin Ribbons and Antiferromagnetic Ordering of a MnII-Biradical-MnII Complex ", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135, 13298-13301, (2013) - 10.1021/ja4067783
  P113-11798.E. Hillard "Paramagnetism in Metal-Metal Bonded Paddlewheel Complexes", Curr. Inorg. Chem., 3, 2, 112-143, (2013)
  P113-11797.R. Clérac "Editorial on a special issue of “Current Inorganic Chemistry” dedicated to Molecular Magnetism", Curr. Inorg. Chem., 3, 2, 75, (2013)
  P113-11796.J. Liu, Y-L Qin, M. Qu, R. Clérac and X-M. Zhang "Rung-defected ladder of azido-bridged Cu(II) chains linked by [Cu(picolinate)2] units", Dalton Trans., 42, 11571–11575, (2013) - 10.1039/c3dt51363g
  P113-11795.L. Zhang, C.I. Onet, R. Clérac, M. Rouzières, B. Marzec, M. Boese, M. Venkatesand and W. Schmitt "A facile "bottom-up" approach to prepare free-standing nano-films based on manganese coordination clusters", Chem. Commun., 48, 7400--7402, (2013) - 10.1039/c3cc42954g
  P113-11794.A. Sarkar, A.R. Paital, R.A. Khan, F. Arjmand, V. Bertolasi, C. Mathonière, R. Clérac and D. Ray "Ligand dependent self-assembly of hydroxido-bridged dicopper units templated by sodium ion", Dalton Trans., 42, 12495–12506, (2013) - 10.1039/c3dt51095f
  P113-11793.N. Mano and L. Edembe "Bilirubin oxidases in bioelectrochemistry: Features and recent findings", Biosens. Bioelectron., 50, 478–485, (2013) - 10.1016/j.bios.2013.07.014
  P113-11792.J. Vollbrecht, O. Kasdorf, V. Quiring, H. Suche, H. Bock and H-S. Kitzerow "Microresonator-enhanced electroluminescence of an organic light emitting diode based on a columnar liquid crystal", Appl. Phys. Lett., 103, 043303, 1-4, (2013) - 10.1063/1.4816425
  P113-11791.P. Sarkar, F. Durola and H. Bock "Dipyreno- and diperyleno-anthracenes from glyoxylic Perkin reactions", Chem. Commun., 49, 7552--7554, (2013) - 10.1039/c3cc44044c
  P113-11790.M. Cadet, X. Brilland, S. Gounel, F. Louerat, and N. Mano "Design of a Highly Efficient O2 Cathode Based on Bilirubin Oxidase from Magnaporthe oryzae ", ChemPhysChem, 14, 10, 2097 – 2100, (2013) - 10.1002/cphc.201300027
  P113-11789.A. Herbst, C. Bronner, P. Dechambenoit and O.S. Wenger "Gold Complexes with Tridentate Cyclometalating and NHC Ligands: A Search for New Photoluminescent Gold(III) Compounds", Organometallics, 32, 1807−1814, (2013) - 10.1021/om301226b
  P113-11788.S. Ferlay, P. Dechambenoit, N. Kyritsakas and M. Wais Hosseini "Molecular tectonics: tuning the dimensionality and topology of extended cyanocuprate networks using a bisamidinium cation ", Dalton Trans., 42, 11661-11671, (2013) - 10.1039/c3dt51252e
  P113-11787.B. Mihiretie, J-C. Loudet and B. Pouligny "Optical levitation and long-working-distance trapping: From spherical up to high aspect ratio ellipsoidal particles", J. Quant. Spectrosc. Radiat. Transfer, 126, 61-68, (2013) - 10.1016/j.jqsrt.2012.10.003
  P113-11786.M. Geletu, R. Arulanandam, S. Chevalier, B. Saez, L. Larue, H. Feracci and L. Raptis "Classical cadherins control survival through the gp130/Stat3 axis", Biochim. Biophys. Acta, 1883, 1947–1959, (2013) - 10.1016/j.bbamcr.2013.03.014
  P113-11785.B. Mascaro, T. Brunet, O. Poncelet, C. Aristégui, S. Raffy and O. Mondain-Monval and J. Leng "Impact of polydispersity on multipolar resonant scattering in emulsions", J. Acoust. Soc. Am., 133, 4, 1996–2003, (2013) - 10.1121/1.4792140
  P113-11784.S. Ungureanu, B. Kolaric, J. Chen, R. Hillenbrand and R.A.L. Vallée "Far-field disentanglement of modes in hybrid plasmonic-photonic crystals by fluorescence nano-reporters", Nanophotonics, 2, 3, 173-185, (2013) - 10.1515/nanoph-2013-0004
  P113-11779.E.M. Fatila, M. Rouzières, M.C. Jennings, A.J. Lough, R. Clérac and K.E. Preuss "Fine-Tuning the Single-Molecule Magnet Properties of a [Dy(III)-Radical]2 Pair", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 135, 9596−9599, (2013) - 10.1021/ja403794d
  P113-11778.S. Calancea, D. Piñero, D. Poirot, C. Mathonière, P. Rosa, R. Clérac, C. Pejo, R. Chiozzone, F. Lloret and R. González "Synthesis, structural and magnetic characterizations of new complexes of di-2,6-(2-pyridylcarbonyl)pyridine (pyCOpyCOpy) ligand", Polyhedron, 64, 294–303, (2013) - 10.1016/j.poly.2013.05.021
  P113-11777.M. Hołyńska, N. Frank, C. Pichon, I-R. Jeon, R. Clérac and S. Dehnen "A Defect Supertetrahedron Naphthoxime-Based [MnIII9] Single-Molecule Magnet", Inorg. Chem., 52, 7317−7319, (2013) - 10.1021/ic401018w
  P113-11776.E.M. Fatila, R. Clérac, M. Rouzières, D.V. Soldatov, M. Jennings and K.E. Preuss "Ferromagnetic superexchange in a 1D –[LaIII–radical]– coordination polymer", Chem. Commun., 49, 6271--6273, (2013) - 10.1039/c3cc43267j
  P113-11775.N.D. Alexopoulos, C. Jaillet-Bartholome, C. Zakri, P. Poulin and S.K. Kourkoulis "Improved strain sensing performance of glass fiber polymer composites with embedded pre-stretched polyvinyl alcohol–carbon nanotube fibers", Carbon, 59, 65-75, (2013) - 10.1016/j.carbon.2013.02.055
  * P113-11771.I. Siretanu, J-P. Chapel, D. Bastos-González and C. Drummond "Ions-Induced Nanostructuration: Effect of Specific Ionic Adsorption on Hydrophobic Polymer Surfaces", J. Phys. Chem. B, 117, 6814−6822, (2013) - 10.1021/jp400531x
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  P113-11768.I-R. Jeon, S. Calancea, A. Panja, D.M. Piñero Cruz, E. S. Koumousi, P. Dechambenoit, C. Coulon, A. Wattiaux, P. Rosa, C. Mathonière and R. Clérac "Spin crossover or intra-molecular electron transfer in a cyanido-bridged Fe/Co dinuclear dumbbell: a matter of state", Chem. Sci., 4, 2463-2470, (2013) - 10.1039/c3sc22069a
  P113-11767.A.M. Ako, B. Burger, Y. Lan, V. Mereacre, R. Clérac, G. Buth, S. Gómez-Coca, El. Ruiz, C.E. Anson and A.K. Powell "Magnetic Interactions Mediated by Diamagnetic Cations in [Mn18M](M = Sr2+, Y3+, Cd2+, and Lu3+) Coordination Clusters", Inorg. Chem., 52, 5764−5774, (2013) - 10.1021/ic3025588
  P113-11765.R. Backov "Chimie intégrative : un outil pour la synthèse rationnelle de matériaux avancés", Les Techniques de l'Ingénieur, RE173, 9, 1-11, (2013)
  P113-11763.G. Tonelli, K. Oumzil, F. Nallet, C. Gaillard, L. Navailles and P. Barthélémy "Amino Acid−Nucleotide−Lipids: Effect of Amino Acid on the Self-Assembly Properties", Langmuir, 29, 5547−5555, (2013) - 10.1021/la400515m
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  P113-11761.L. Zhang, R. Clérac, C.I. Onet, C. Healy and W. Schmitt "Towards Nanoscopic Mn-Containing Hybrid Polyoxomolybdates: Synthesis, Structure, Magnetic Properties, and Solution Behavior of a {Mn6Mo10} Cluster", Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 1654-1658, (2013) - 10.1002/ejic.201201177
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  P113-11759.J.M. González-Domínguez, W. Neri, M. Maugey, P. Poulin, A. Ansón-Casaosa and M.T. Martínez "A chemically reactive spinning dope for significant improvements in wet spun carbon nanotube fibres", Chem. Commun., 49, 3973--3975, (2013) - 10.1039/c3cc38953g
  P113-11758.N. Brun, L. Edembe, S. Gounel, N. Mano and M.M. Titirici "Emulsion-Templated Macroporous Carbons Synthesized By Hydrothermal Carbonization and their Application for the Enzymatic Oxidation of Glucose ", ChemSusChem, 6, 4, 701-710, (2013) - 10.1002/cssc.201200692
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  P113-11751.R. Backov "Chimie intégrative : Structurer chimiquement l’espace pour la synthèse rationnelle de matériaux avancés", Actual. Chim., 373, Avril, 3-12, (2013)
  P113-11750.Y-Z. Zhang, U. Prasad Mallik, R. Clérac, N.P. Rath and S.M. Holmes "Structure–property trends in cyanido-bridged tetranuclear FeIII/NiII single-molecule magnets", Polyhedron, 52, 115-121, (2013) - 10.1016/j.poly.2012.10.039
  P113-11749.C. Pichon, P. Dechambenoit and R. Clérac "A cyanido-bridged two-dimensional network based on a RuIII schiff base complex and MnII ions: Synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties", Polyhedron, 52, 476-481, (2013) - 10.1016/j.poly.2012.08.048
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