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  P103-10754.F. Gauffre, V. Labrot, J. Boissonade, P. de Kepper and E. Dulos "Spontaneous deformations in polymer gels driven by chemomecanical instabilities", Nonlinear dynamics in polymeric systems, 869, 80, (2003)
  P103-10729.J-C. Loudet and P. Poulin "Monodisperse Aligned Emulsions from Demixing in Bulk Liquid Crystals", Top. Curr. Chem., 226, 173-196, (2003)
  P103-10682.Y. Kopelevich, R.R. da Silva, J.H.S. Torres, A. Pénicaud and T. Kyotani "Local ferromagnetism in microporous carbon with the structural regularity of zeolite Y", Phys. Rev. B, 68, 092408, 1-4, (2003)
  P103-10677.C. Drummond, J. Israelachvili and P. Richetti "Friction between two weakly adhering boundary lubricated surfaces in water", Phys. Rev. E, 67, 066110, 1-16, (2003)
  P103-10676.F. Carmona and J. Ravier "To what extent is the structure of a random composite compatible with a percolation model?", Physica B, 338, 247-251, (2003)
  P103-10667.S. Alibert-Fouet, S. Dardel, M. Oukachmih, S. Archambeau, I. Seguy, P. Jolimat, P. Destruel and H. Bock "Electroluminiscent Diodes from Complementary Discotic Benzoperylenes", ChemPhysChem, 4, 9, 983-985, (2003)
  P103-10636.A. De Wit, P. De Kepper, K. Benyaich, G. Dewel and P. Borckmans "Hydrodynamical instability of spatially extended bistable chemical systems", Chem. Eng. Sci., 58, 4823-4831, (2003)
  P103-10562.P. Chenevier, L. Bourel-Bonnet and D. Roux "Chemical characterization of alpha-oxohydrazone ligation on colloids: toward grafting molecular addresses onto biological vectors", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 125, 52, 16261-16270, (2003)
  P103-10561.D. Van Effenterre and D. Roux "Adhesion of colloids at the surface of cells in competition for mobile receptors", Europhys. Lett., 64, 4, 543-549, (2003)
  P103-10534.V. Schmitt, F. Leal-Calderon and J. Bibette "Preparation of monodisperse particles and emulsions by controlled shear", Top. Curr. Chem., 227, 195-215, (2003)
  P103-10529.P. Delhaès, M. Trinquecoste, A. Derré, D. Rovillain and P. David "Film Boiling Chemical Vapor Infiltration of C/C Composites: Influence of Mass and Thermal Transfers", Carbon Science, 4, 4, 163-167, (2003)
  P103-10528.L. Haider, M. Boynard and P. Snabre "Ultrasound scattering from Rayleigh fractal aggregates:Shear flow dynamics of deformable or hardened red cell clusters in dense suspensions", Recent Res. Devel. Acoustics, 1, 121-143, (2003)
  P103-10526.M. Genty, G. Couarraze, R. Laversanne, C. Degert, L. Navailles, T. Gulik-Krzywicki, J-L. Grossiord "Characterization of a complex dispersion of multilamellar vesicles", Colloid Polym. Sci. , 282, 32-40, (2003)
  P103-10525.Y.A. Nastishin, M-F. Achard, H.T. Nguyen and M. Kleman "Textural analysis of a mesophase with banana shaped molecules", Eur. Phys. J. E, 12, 581-591, (2003)
  P103-10516.D. Palles, A. Marucci, A. Pénicaud and G. Ruani "Low-temperature phase transitions in a biphenyl-fullerene single crystal: a raman study", J. Phys. Chem. B, 107, 4904-4911, (2003)
  P103-10507.H. Miyasaka, R. Clérac, K. Mizushima, K-I. Sugiura, M. Yamashita, W. Wernsdorfer and C. Coulon "[Mn2(saltmen)2Ni(pao)2(L)2](A)2 with L=Pyridine, 4-Picoline, 4-tert-Butylpyridine,N-Methylimidazole and A=ClO4–,BF4–,PF6–,ReO4–: A Family of Single-Chain Magnets ", Inorg. Chem., 42, 25, 8203-8213, (2003)
  P103-10506.C.V. Krishnamohan Sharma, C.C. Chusuei, R. Clérac, T. Möller, K.R. Dunbar and A. Clearfield "Magnetic Property Studies of Manganese-Phosphate Complexes", Inorg. Chem., 42, 25, 8300-8308, (2003)
  P103-10504.E. Grelet "Liquid-crystalline smectic blue phases", Liquid Crystals Today, 12, 4, 1-5, (2003)
  P103-10503.J. Wang, R. P. Deo, P. Poulin and M. Maugey "Carbon nanotube fiber microelectrodes", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 125, 14706-14707, (2003)
  P103-10502.J-B. Salmon, S. Manneville and A. Colin "Shear banding in a lyotropic lamellar phase. I. Time-averaged velocity profiles", Phys. Rev. E, 68, 051503, 1-12, (2003)
  P103-10501.J-B. Salmon, S. Manneville and A. Colin "Shear banding in a lyotropic lamellar phase. II. Temporal fluctuations", Phys. Rev. E, 68, 051504, 1-10, (2003)
  P103-10500.G. Aromí, A. S. Batsanov, P. Christian, M. Helliwell, O. Roubeau, G. A. Timco and R.E.P. Winpenny "Synthesis, structure and magnetic properties of hydroxyquinaldine-bridged cobalt and nickel cubanes", Dalton Trans., 4446-4471, (2003)
  P103-10497.S. Willemin, G. Arrachart, L. Lecren, J. Larionova, T. Coradin, R. Clérac, T. Mallah, C. Guérin and C. Sanchez "Immobilisation of single molecule magnets in mesoporous silica hosts ", New J. Chem., 27, 1533-1539, (2003)
  P103-10496.S.A. Baudron, N. Avarvari, P. Batail, C. Coulon, R. Clérac, E. Canadell and P. Auban-Senzier "Singular Crystalline '-Layered Topologies Directed by Ribbons of Self-Complementary Amide...Amide Ring Motifs in [EDT-TTF-(CONH2)2]X (X=HSO4-,ClO4-,ReO4-,AsF6-): Coupled Activation of Ribbon Curvature, Electron Interactions, and Magnetic Susceptibility", J. Am. Chem. Soc., 125, 11583-11590, (2003)
  P103-10495.C. Ybert, L. Navailles, B. Pansu, F. Rieutord, H.T. Nguyen and P. Barois "Structural study of the liquid-crystal analog of the vortex liquid phase in type-II superconductors", Europhys. Lett., 63, 6, 840-845, (2003)
  P103-10494.H.T. Nguyen, J.P. Bedel, J.C. Rouillon, J.P. Marcerou and M.F. Achard "Banana-shaped molecules derived from substituted isophthalic acids", Pramana, 61, 2, 395-404, (2003)
  P103-10493.R. Clérac, F.A. Cotton, S.P. Jeffery, C.A. Murillo and X. Wang "Isomerization by ligand along a Cr24+ unit: further reactions leading to cleavage of a quadruple bond", Dalton Trans., 3022-3027, (2003)
  P103-10492.G. Aromí, O. Roubeau, M. Helliwell, S. J. Teat and R.E.P. Winpenny "Novel topologies in NiII cluster chemistry: Incorporation of alkaline-earth metals in the new [NiII6MgII2] and [NiII8MgII] (M=Sr, Ba) cages", Dalton Trans., 3436-3442, (2003)
  P103-10491.K. Heuzé, M. Fourmigué, P. Batail, C. Coulon, R. Clérac, E. Canadell, P. Auban-Senzier, S. Ravy and D. Jérome "A genuine quarter-filled band mott insulator, (EDT-TTF-CONMe2)2AsF6: Where the chemistry and physics of weak intermolecular interactions act in unison", Adv. Mater., 15, 15, 1251-1254, (2003)
  P103-10490.D. Olea and C. Faure "Quantitative study of the encapsulation of glucose oxidase into multilamellar vesicles and its effect on enzyme activity", J. Chem. Phys., 119, 12, 6111-6118, (2003)
  P103-10489.D.A. Coleman, J. Fernsler, N. Chattham, M. Nakata, Y. Takanishi, E. Körblova, D.R. Link, R-F. Shao, W.G. Jang, J.E. Maclennan, O. Mondain-Monval, C. Boyer, W. Weissflog, G. Pelzl, L.C. Chien, J. Zasadzinski, J. Watanabe, D.M. Walba, H. Takezoe and N.A. Clark "Polarization-modulated smectic liquid crystal phases", Science, 301, 1204-1211, (2003)
  P103-10488.K. Schierholz, M. Givehchi, P. Fabre, F. Nallet, E. Papon, O. Guerret and Y. Gnanou "Acrylamide-based amphiphilic block copolymers via nitroxide-mediated radical polymerization", Macromolecules, 36, 5995-5999, (2003)
  P103-10487.S. Arditty, C.P. Whitby, B.P. Binks, V. Schmitt and F. Leal-Calderon "Some general features of limited coalescence in solid-stabilized emulsions", Eur. Phys. J. E, 11, 273-281, (2003)
  P103-10486.Y. Song, P. Gamez, O. Roubeau, M. Lutz, A.L. Spek and J. Reedijk "Structural and magnetic characterization of a linear trinuclear copper complex formed through ligand sharing", Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 2924-2928, (2003)
  P103-10485.S. Molas, C. Coulon and J. Fraxedas "Magnetic properties of thin -p-nitrophenyl nitroxide films", Cryst. Eng. Commun., 5, 54, 310-312, (2003)
  P103-10484.J-W. Lee, Y. Park, J-I. Jin, M-F. Achard and F. Hardouin "Comparison of the liquid crystalline properties of dimesogenic compounds bearing alkoxy and perfluoroalkoxy tails", J. Mater. Chem., 13, 1367-1372, (2003)
  P103-10483.J-W. Lee, J-I. Jin, M-F. Achard and F. Hardouin "Cholesterol-based hydrogen-bonded liquid crystals", Liq. Cryst., 30, 1-7, (2003)
  P103-10480.C. Faure, A. Derré and W. Neri "Spontaneous Formation of Silver Nanoparticles in Multilamellar Vesicles", J. Phys. Chem. B, 107, 4738-4746, (2003)
  P103-10478.H. Miyasaka, T. Nezu, F. Iwahori, S. Furukawa, K. Sugimoto, R. Clérac, K-I. Sugiura and M. Yamashita "Heterometallic Hexanuclear Cluster with an S=8 Spin Ground State: MnII{MnII(hfac)2}3{NIII(pao)3}2(hfac– =Hexafluoroacetylacetonate, pao–=Pyridine-2-aldoximate)", Inorg. Chem., 42, 4501-4503, (2003)
  P103-10475.A-F. Mingotaud, S. Reculusa, C. Mingotaud, P. Keller, C. Sykes, E. Duguet and S. Ravaine "Ring-opening metathesis polymerization on well defined silica nanoparticles leading to hybrid core-shell particles", J. Mater. Chem., 13, 1920-1925, (2003)
  P103-10472.S.A. Baudron, P. Batail, C. Rovira, E. Canadell and R. Clérac "Interdependence of redox state, hydrogen bonding, anion recognition and charge partition in crystals of (EDT-TTF-CONHMe)6[Re6Se8(CN)6]", Chem. Commun., 1820-1821, (2003)
  P103-10471.S.L. Bartley, M.J. Bazile, R. Clérac, H. Zhao, X. Ouyang and K.R. Dunbar "Structural, electronic and magnetic properties of metal–metal bonded dinuclear rhenium complexes bridged by organocyanide acceptor ligands", Dalton Trans., 2937-2944, (2003)
  P103-10467.G. Aromi, A.I. Bell, M. Helliwell, J. Raftery, S.J. Teat, G.A. Timco, O. Roubeau and R.E.P. Winpenny "A Systematic Exploration of Nickel–Pyrazolinato Chemistry with Alkali Metals: New Cages From Serendipitous Assembly", Chem. Eur. J., 9, 3024-3032, (2003)
  P103-10451.L. Beven, S. Castano, J. Dufourcq, A. Weislander and H. Wroblewski "The antibiotic activity of linear amphipathic peptides: lessons drawn from the action of Leucine/lysine copolymers on mollicutes", Eur. J. Biochem., 270, 1-11, (2003)
  P103-10440.J.B. Salmon, A. Colin, S. Manneville and F. Molino "Velocity Profiles in Shear-Banding Wormlike Micelles", Phys. Rev. Lett., 90, 22, 228303(1-4), (2003)
  P103-10431.F. Gauffre, V. Labrot, J. Boissonade, P. De Kepper and E. Dulos "Reaction-Diffusion Patterns of the Chlorite–Tetrathionate System in a Conical Geometry", J. Phys. Chem. A, 107, 4452-4456, (2003)
  P103-10430.B. Schmidt, P. De Kepper and S.C. Müller "Destabilization of Turing Structures by Electric Fields ", Phys. Rev. Lett., 90, 11, 118302(1-4), (2003)
  P103-10428.J. Boissonade "Simple Chemomechanical Process for Self-Generation of Rhythms and Forms", Phys. Rev. Lett., 90, 18, 188302-(1-4), (2003)
  P103-10425.L-Y. Wang, S. Igarashi, Y. Yukawa, Y. Hoshino, O. Roubeau, G. Aromí and R.E.P. Winpenny "Synthesis, structure, and preliminary magnetic studies of unprecedent hexacopper(II) barrel clusters with spin ground state S=3", Dalton Trans., 2318-2324, (2003)
  P103-10421.D. Van Effenterre, M.P. Valignat and D. Roux "Coupling between the nematic/isotropic transition and a thickness transition: A theoretical approach", Europhys. Lett., 62, 526-532, (2003)
  P103-10413.J. Hmine, C. Legrand, N. Isaert and H-T. Nguyen "Dielectric evidence of an electroclinic effect in the cholesteric phase near a N*-SmA-SmC* multicritical point", Liq. Cryst., 30, 2, 227-234, (2003)
  P103-10412.A.C. Ribeiro, B. Heinrich, C. Cruz, H-T. Nguyen, S. Diele, M.W. Schröder and D. Guillon "Rectangular to hexagonal columnar phase transition exhibited by a biforked mesogen", Eur. Phys. J. E, 10, 143-151, (2003)
  P103-10411.P. King, R. Clérac, C.E. Anson, C. Coulon and A.K. Powell "Antiferromagnetic Three-Dimensional Order Induced by Carboxylate Bridges in a Two-Dimensional Network of [Cu3(dcp)(H2O)4] Trimers", Inorg. Chem., 42, 11, 3492-3500, (2003)
  P103-10408.E. Grelet and S. Fraden "What is the origin of chirality in the cholesteric phase of virus suspensions?", Phys. Rev. Lett., 90, 19, 198302(1-4), (2003)
  P103-10404.C. Gay "Some Fundamentals of Adhesion in Synthetic Adhesives", Biofouling, 19, (supplement), 53-57, (2003)
  P103-10403.G. Romualdo-Torres, B. Agricole, C. Mingotaud, S. Ravaine and P. Delhaès "Hybrid Organic-Inorganic Langmuir-Blodgett Films Starting from Colloidal Prussian Blue Solution", Langmuir, 19, 4688-4693, (2003)
  P103-10402.V. Carrier and A. Colin "Coalescence in Draining Foams", Langmuir, 19, 4535-4538, (2003)
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  P103-10400.S. Willemin, J. Larionova, R. Clérac, B. Donnadieu, B. Henner, X.F. Le Goff and C. Guérin "Crystal Structures and Intercalation Reactions of Three-Dimensional Coordination Polymers [M(H2O)2]2[Mo(CN)8].4H2O (M=Co,Mn)", Eur. J. Inorg. Chem., 1866-1872, (2003)
  P103-10399.A.V. Neimark, S. Ruetsch, K.G. Kornev and P.I. Ravikovitch, P. Poulin, S. Badaire and M. Maugey "Hierarchical pore structure and wetting properties of single-wall carbon nanotube fibers", Nano Lett., 3, 3, 419-423, (2003)
  P103-10398.S. Cui, R. Canet, A. Derré, M. Couzi and P. Delhaès "Characterization of multiwall carbon nanotubes and influence of surfactant in the nanocomposite processing", Carbon, 41, 797-809, (2003)
  P103-10397.P. Delhaès "Attempts to chemical vapour infiltrate pyrocarbons: evidence for a spatial bistability?", Carbon, 41, 1093-1095, (2003)
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  P103-10394.R. Saliba, C. Mingotaud, F. Argoul and S. Ravaine "Morphological Control of Gold Electrodeposits Grown at the Gas-Liquid Interface", J. Electrochem. Soc., 150, 3, C175-C183, (2003)
  P103-10393.R. Clérac, S. O'Kane, J. Cowen, X. Ouyang, R. Heintz, H. Zhao, M. J. Bazile and K. R. Dunbar "Glassy Magnets Composed of Metals Coordinated to 7,7,8,8-tetracyanoquinodimethane: M(TCNQ)2 (M=Mn, Fe, Co, Ni)", Chem. Mater., 15, 1840-1850, (2003)
  P103-10391.J-B. Salmon, L. Bécu, S. Manneville and A. Colin "Towards local rheology of emulsions under Couette flow using Dynamic Light Scattering", Eur. Phys. J. E, 10, 209-221, (2003)
  P103-10386.T. Pott, A. Colin, L. Navailles and D. Roux "DNA Intercalation in Neutral Multilamellar Membranes: Experiments and Theory", Interface Science , 11, 249-257, (2003)
  P103-10385.S. Poivet, F. Nallet, C. Gay and P. Fabre "Cavitation-induced force transition in confined viscous liquids under traction", Europhys. Lett., 62, 2, 244-250, (2003)
  P103-10384.M. Lescanne, A. Colin, O. Mondain-Monval, F. Fages, and J-L Pozzo "Structural Aspects of the Gelation Process Observed with Low Molecular Mass Organogelators ", Langmuir, 19, 2013-2020, (2003)
  P103-10383.J. Larionova, R. Clérac, B. Boury, J. Le Bideau, L. Lecren and S. Willemin "Structural and magnetic studies of the [Mn12O12(CH3COO)16(H2O)4].2CH3COOH.4H2O thermal derivatives", J. Mater. Chem., 13, 795-799, (2003)
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  P103-10380.J. Larionova, R. Clérac, B. Donnadieu, S. Willemin and C. Guérin "Synthesis and Structure of a Two-Dimensional Cyano-Bridged Coordination Polymer [Cu(cyclam)]2[M(CN)8].10.5H2O (Cyclam=1,4,8,11-Tetraazacyclodecane)", Cryst. Growth Des., 3, 2, 267-272, (2003)
  P103-10379.C. Mabille, F. Leal-Calderon, J. Bibette and V. Schmitt "Monodisperse fragmentation in emulsions: Mechanisms and kinetics", Europhys. Lett., 61, 5, 708-714, (2003)
  P103-10378.L. Bressy, P. Hebraud, V. Schmitt and J. Bibette "Rheology of Emulsions Stabilized by Solid Interfaces", Langmuir, 19, 598-604, (2003)
  P103-10372.B. Desbat, M. Brunet, and H.T. Nguyen "Study by polyrization modulation infrared spectroscopy of an oriented PTFE film and its effect on the organization of a thin chiral smectic adsorbed layer", Soft Mater., 1, 1, 75-92, (2003)
  P103-10369.S. Reculusa and S. Ravaine "Synthesis of Colloidal Crystals of Controllable Thickness through the Langmuir-Blodgett Technique", Chem. Mater., 15, 598-605, (2003)

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