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  P101-10735.B. Vigolo, A. Pénicaud, C. Coulon, C. Sauder, R. Pailler, C. Journet, P. Bernier and P. Poulin "Dispersions and fibers of carbon nanotubes", Mater. Res. Soc. Symp. Proc. (in Materials Research Society), 633, A12.1.1-A12.1.10, (2001)
  P101-10725.P. Richetti, C. Drummond, J. Israelachvili, M. In and R. Zana "Inverted stick-slip friction", Europhys. Lett., 55, 5, 653-659, (2001)
  P101-10723.B.S. Yang, J. Lal, P. Richetti, C.M. Marques, W.B. Russel and R.K. Prud'homme "Interaction of Hydrophobically Modified Polymers and Surfactant Lamellar Phase", Langmuir, 17, 19, 5834-5841, (2001)
  P101-10715.I. Séguy, R. Mamy, P. Destruel, P. Jolinat and H. Bock "Photoemission study of the ITO/triphenylene/perylene/Al interfaces", Appl. Surf. Sci., 174, 310-315, (2001)
  P101-10698.C. Da Cruz, J-C. Rouillon, J-P. Marcerou, N. Isaert and H-T. Nguyen "Influence of the position and number of fluorine atoms and of the chiral moiety on a newly synthesized series with anticlinic properties", Liq. Cryst., 28, 8, 1185-1192, (2001)
  P101-10684.S. Keuker-Baumann, H. Bock, F. Della Sala, S.A. Benning, T. Habheider, T. Frauenheim and H-S. Kitzerow "Absorption and luminescence spectra of electroluminescent liquid crystals with triphenylene, pyrene and perylene units", Liq. Cryst., 28, 7, 1105-1113, (2001)
  P101-10664.I. Seguy, P. Jolinat, P. Destruel, R. Mamy, H. Bock, J. Ip and H-T. Nguyen "Light Emitting Device Made From Triphenylene Hexaether and Perylene Tetraester", J. Appl. Phys., 89, 10, 5442-5448, (2001)
  P101-10642.R. Clérac, M. Fourmigué and C. Coulon "From Isolated Dimers to an Ordered Antiferromagnetic Ground State in Cation Radical Salts of Cp2Mo(dmit) with Small Anions (Br-, BF4-)", J. Solid State Chem., 159, 413-419, (2001)
  P101-10518.J.A. Azamar-Barrios, T. John, S. Dennis, S. Sadhukan, H. Shinohara, G. Scuseria and A. Pénicaud "Characterization of Six Isomers of [84] Fullerene C84 by Electrochemistry, Electron Spin Resonance Spectroscopy and Molecular Energy Levels Calculations", J. Phys. Chem. A, 105, 19, 4627-4632, (2001)
  P101-10482.O. Dhez, F. Nallet and O. Diat "Influence of screw dislocations on the orientation of a sheared lamellar phase", Europhys. Lett., 55, 6, 821-826, (2001)
  P101-10477.T. Hassheider, S.A. Benning, H-S. kitzerow, M-F. Achard and H. Bock "Farblich abstimmbare Elektrolumineszenz kolumnarer flüssigkristalliner Arencarbonsäurealkylester", Angew. Chem., 113, 11, 2119-2122, (2001)
  P101-10474.C. Brosseau, P. Molinié, F. Boulic and F. Carmona "Mesostructure, electron paramagnetic resonance and magnetic properties of polymer carbon black composites", J. Appl. Phys., 89, 12, 8297-8310, (2001)
  P101-10473.F. Carmona and L. Lamaignère "Static and dynamic non linear behaviors of carbon particles filled polymers with positive thermal coefficient", Compos. Interfaces, 8, (3-4), 249, (2001)
  P101-10466.K. Pays, J. Giermanska-Kahn, B. Pouligny, J. Bibette and F. Leal-Calderon "Double Emulsions: A Tool for Probing Thin-Film Metastability", Phys. Rev. Lett., 87, 17, 178304(1-4), (2001)
  P101-10465.K. Pays, J. Giermanska-Kahn, B. Pouligny, J. Bibette and F. Leal-Calderon "Coalescence in Surfactant-Stabilized Double Emulsions", Langmuir, 17, 7758-7769, (2001)
  P101-10464.P. Omarjee, P. Hoerner, G. Riess, V. Cabuil and O. Mondain-Monval "Diblock copolymers adsorbed at a water-oil interface", Eur. Phys. J. E, 4, 45-50, (2001)
  P101-10459.A. Mercier, S. Kuroki, I. Ando, H. Deleuze and O. Mondain-Monval "Structural and Dynamic Study of Chemically Modified PolyHIPE by Solid-State 13C NMR Spectroscopy", J. Polym. Sci., Part B: Polym. Phys., 39, 956-963, (2001)
  P101-10456.P. Omarjee-Rivière, A. Espert and O. Mondain-Monval "Polymer-Induced Repulsive Forces at Solid-Liquid and at Liquid-Liquid Interfaces", Langmuir, 17, 5693-5695, (2001)
  P101-10455.A. Mercier, H. Deleuze and O. Mondain-Monval "Thiol Addition to the Pendant Vinylbenzene Groups of (Vinyl)polystyrene PolyHIPE Via a Batch and a Cross-Flow Method", Macromol. Chem. Phys., 202, 2672-2680, (2001)
  P101-10454.A. Chemin, A. Mercier, H. Deleuze, B. Maillard and O. Mondain-Monval "The preparation and use of polyHIPE-grafted reactants to reduce alkyl halides under free-radical conditions", J. Chem. Soc., Perkin Trans., 1, 366-370, (2001)
  P101-10444.H. Ohnuki, B. Desbat, M. Griffard, M. Izumi, T. Imakubo, G. Mabon and P. Delhaès "Formulation of metallic langmuir film on the water surface with fatty acid and BEDO-TTF molecules", J. Phys. Chem. B, 105, 4921-4927, (2001)
  P101-10443.D. Rovillain, M. Trinquecoste, E. Bruneton, A. Derré, P. David and P. Delhaès "Film boiling chemical vapor infiltration an experimental study on carbon/carbon composite materials", Carbon, 39, 1355-1365, (2001)
  P101-10442.E. Bouchard, J. Lavenac, J-C. Roux, F. Langlais and P. Delhaès "Pyrocarbon deposits on a graphite surface observed by STM**", Adv. Mater., 7, 3, 125-130, (2001)
  P101-10439.L.S. Matkin, S.J. Watson, H.F. Gleeson, R. Pitney, P.M. Johnson, C.C. Huang, P. Barois, A.M. levelut, G. Strajer, J. Pollmann, J.W. Goodby and M. Hird "Resonant x-ray scattering study of the antiferroelectric and ferrielectric phases in liquid crystal devices", Phys. Rev. E, 64, 021705, (1-6), (2001)
  P101-10438.A. Cady, J.A. Pitney, R. Pindak, L.S. Matkin, S.J. Watson, H.F. Gleeson, P. Cluzeau, P. Barois, A.M. Levelut, W. Caliebe, J.W. Goodby, M. Hird and C.C. Huang "Orientational ordering in the chiral smectic-C*F12 liquid crystal phase determined by resonant polarized x-ray diffraction", Phys. Rev. E, 64, 050702, 050702(1-4), (2001)
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  P101-10415.I. Seguy, P. Jolinat, P. Destruel, R. Mamy, H. Allouchi, C. Courseille, M. Cotrait and H. Bock "Crystal and Electronic Structure of a Fluorescent Columnar Liquid Crystalline Electron Transport Material", ChemPhysChem, 7, 448-452, (2001)
  P101-10410.E. Grelet, B. Pansu and H-T. Nguyen "Influence of the molecular tilt on the structure of smectic blue phases", Phys. Rev. E, 64, 010703, (1-4), (2001)
  P101-10409.E. Grelet, B. Pansu and H-T. Nguyen "Preliminary communication A chiral material with a new phase sequence: twist grain boundary smectic C phasse-smectic blue phases", Liq. Cryst., 28, 7, 1121-1125, (2001)
  P101-10407.C. Da Cruz, E. Grelet, J-C. Rouillon, J-P. Marcerou, G. Sigaud, B. Pansu and H-T. Nguyen "A new series with smectic blue phases and SmC*-BPSm2direct transition", Liq. Cryst., 28, 9, 1415-1423, (2001)
  P101-10374.C. Goubault, K. Pays, D. Oléa, P. Gorria, J. Bibette, V. Schmitt and F. Leal-Calderon "Shear rupturing of complex fluids: Application to the preparation of quasi-monodisperse water-in-oil-in-water double emulsions", Langmuir, 17, 5184-5188, (2001)
  P101-10343.I. Javierre, A-M. Bellocq and F. Nallet "Effect of Confinement of a Polymer on the Phase Behavior of Ternary and Quaternary Lyotropic Mixtures", Langmuir, 17, 5417-5425, (2001)
  P101-10340.C.S. Campos-Fernandez, B.W. Smucker, R. Clérac and K.R. Dunbar "Reactivity Studies of 2,3,5,6-Tetra(2-pyridyl)pyrazine (tppz) with First-Row Transition Metal Ions", Isr. J. Chem., 41, 207-218, (2001)
  P101-10329.F. Nadal, A. Dazzi, F. Argoul and B. Pouligny "Probing the confined dynamics of a spherical colloid close to a surface by combined optical trapping and reflection interference contrast microscopy", Appl. Phys. Lett., 79, 23, 3887-3889, (2001)
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  P101-10311.S. Lecommandoux, M-F. Achard, J.F. Langenwalter, H.A. Klok "Self-Assembly of Rod-Coil Diblock Oligomers Based on -Helical Peptides", Macromolecules, 34, 9100-9111, (2001)
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  P101-10305.S. Sarmento, P. Simeao Carvalho, M.R. Chaves, F. Pinto and H.T. Nguyen. "Anomalous thermal hysteresis in the SmC* phase of 10FHBBBM7*, revealed by dielectric measurements.", Liq. Cryst., 28, 12, 1839-1845, (2001)
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