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9 publication(s)

  P102-10681.C. Creton and P. Fabre "Tack", 535-575, "The mechanics of adhesion", Adhesion science and engineering , D.A. Dillard and A.V. Pocius, Elsevier, (2002)
  P102-10535.J. Bibette, F. Leal-Calderon, V. Schmitt and P. Poulin "Emulsion Science", 1-140, "Emulsion Science", Springer Tracts in Modern Physics Vol. 181, Höhler, G., Springer, (2002)
  P102-10453.H. Deleuze and O. Mondain-Monval "High Internal Phase Emulsions for the preparation of microcellular functionalised foams", 307-321, "Recent Res. Devel. Macromol.", Research Signpost, (2002)
  P102-10449.S. Castano, B. Desbat, H. Wroblewski, J. Dufourcq "Hemolytic and antibacterial activities of LK peptides of various topologies: a monolayer and PMIRRAS approach", 191-198, Biophys. Chem., R.H. Templer, R. Leatherbarrow, The Royal Chem. Doc., (2002)
  P102-10448.J. Dufourcq "Les peptides amphiphiles lytiques: des toxines naturelles aux peptides minimalistes", 23-24, "Toxines et recherches biomédicales", Rencontres en toxinologie, F. Goudey-Perrière, C. Bon, S. Puisieux-Dao, M.P. Sauviat, Elsevier, (2002)
  P102-10447.S. Castano, B. Desbat, A. Delfour, J.M. Dumas, F. Aussenac, A. Da Silva, J. Dufourcq "Lipid-bound structure and phospholipid selectivity of Mesentericin Y105, a bacteriocin from Leuconostoc Mesenteroïdes and Trp substituted analogues", 738-739, "27th Eur. Peptides Soc. Sorrento", Proceeding , (2002)
  P102-10351.A. Arneodo, B. Audit, N. Decoster, J-F. Muzy and C. Vaillant "2. Wavelet based multifractal formalism: Applications to DNA sequences, satellite images of the cloud structure, and stock market data", 27-102, "in "The science of disasters"", A. Bunde, J. Kropp, H. J. Schellnhuber, Springer-verlag, (2002)
  P102-10350.A. Arneodo, S.G. Roux and N. Decoster "A wavelet-based method for multifractal analysis of rough surfaces : Applications to high-resolution satellite images of cloud structure", 80-101, "in "Experimental chaos"", S. Boccaletti, B.J., Gluckman, J. Kurths, L.M. Pecora and M.L. Spano, American Institute of Physics, (2002)
  P102-10318.A. Arneodo, B. Audit, N. Decoster, J.F. Muzy and C. Vaillant "Wavelet based multifractal formalism: applications to DNA structure, and stock market data", 26-102, "The Science of Disasters", Bunde A., Kropp J., Schellnhuber H.J., Springer, (2002)

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