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Section 11 du Comité National de la Recherche Scientifique

Centre de recherche Paul Pascal
115 avenue Dr Schweitzer 33600 Pessac, France
Tel : (+33) 5 56 84 56 84
Fax : (+33) 5 56 84 56 00
eMail : pouligny[AT]crpp-bordeaux.cnrs.fr


My general field is Soft Matter Physics.
My past and recent works have been concerned with various materials such as colloids, micro-emulsions, model membranes, non colloidal suspensions and granular pastes. Most of these materials pertain to so-called “complex fluids”. I am especially interested in statistical physics properties such as phase transitions and critical phenomena, fractal structures, and –in the recent years- in hydrodynamics of complex fluids, with a focus on rheophysics of granular pastes.
I am basically an experimentalist, with an initial education in optical engineering and physics. Not surprisingly, most of my research works make use of optical setups and techniques, including laser hardware, non linear optics, coherent optical engineering, microscopy… These works have been based on optical tools not only for observation, but also to produce contactless perturbations taking advantage of mechanical effects of light on matter. Optical forces and torques in general can be used for instance to induce controlled concentration gradients in suspensions, or to measure tiny forces by means of laser manipulated micrometric spherical particles in optical traps. In the last decade, these manipulations have been generalized to non spherical particles. We very recently contributed the field with the discovery of light-driven sustained oscillations of ellipsoidal particles in bulk water.
I am currently a member of the Soft Matter group (M2SD : “Matière Molle , Structure et Dynamique”) in Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal.

NOTE : These works have been performed through many collaborations, in CRPP, France, and abroad, with academic colleagues and through contracts with industrial companies. The “Sample articles” paragraph below is a selection of illustrative works, starting from year 2000.


SAMPLE ARTICLES (> year 2000)

-  Mechanical effects of light- applications to Soft Matter

-  Granular Pastes

-  Hydrodynamics