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The fundamentals behind surface fouling under automatic dish wash conditions and investigation of potential strategies to prevent it

Supervisors : JP Chapel / C. Drummond

Procter & Gamble and the Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal are looking for a motivated talented individual to work on a PhD that will both advance basic scientific knowledge and deliver better automatic dish washing detergents that improve the lives of the world’s consumers. (Bourse CIFRE Procter & Gamble)

Fundamental understanding of the formation of organic/inorganic films at a solid/liquid interface is of relevance to many industrial processes. In this work we propose to study this problem through the specific case of accumulation of unwanted material on solid surfaces in automatic dish washing. The goals of the project are threefold i) investigation of the structure and composition of the adsorbed film ii) development of a mechanistic understanding of the film formation (precipitation, adsorption kinetics, and crystallisation) on model surfaces and iii) elaboration of an alternative approach to minimize the tainting.

This project will be worked at CRPP, Bordeaux, but requires working closely and dynamically with staff from P&G R&D Technical Centres globally (mainly in UK and US). Start of the work : Any time between July and October 2010.

WHO ARE AWE LOOKING FOR A highly motivated student with an excellent academic record and a master degree in either physical-chemistry, soft matter science, surface and/or colloid and polymer science or equivalent. Knowledge in physical-chemistry of macromolecules and/or particles at interfaces is an advantage. Good knowledge of English.