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Integrative Chemistry applied to the fabrication of nanocomposite materials for sensing and electronic applications

Directeur de thèse : Rénal Backov

This research project will take as a starting point, a new preparation of lamellar nanoparticles of polypyrrole (PPy), a well-known conductive polymer. This electroless process uses Swollen Liquid Crystals as a reaction host that shapes the final material into nanosheets that can be easily recovered and stored as an aqueous colloidal suspension. The first step of this research will span the combination of this polymer, used as a continuous matrix that will embed anisotropic nanomaterials, which will provide additional properties - photocatalytic (TiO2), piezoelectric (ZnO), sensing or electroactive (V2O5) or conducting (CNT) - to the resulting nanocomposite. Integration of a conducting continuous matrix with anisotropic nanoparticles will lead to the integration of multifunctional nanomaterials into systems and devices relevant to microelectronic and microsensing