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Developments and technological transfer

The laboratory with more than 150 employees, including researchers, professors and engineers, has a broad and multidisciplinary expertise in physics, chemistry and biology.

Fundamental research activities are closely related to several applications and technological fields : industrial formulation (emulsions, foams, microemulsions), drug delivery, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, display, solar cells, composite materials, aeronautics, energy, bio-fuel cells, batteries, etc.

In particular, with a strong expertise in the field of soft condensed matter the laboratory has developed over the years strong partnerships with major industrial groups (Arkema, Rhodia, Unilever, SAFT, Snecma, EADS, CNES).

The laboratory is also involved in collaborative research with small and medium size companies. Access to collaborative research and technology transfer is promoted by Transform, the recent technological platform of CRPP.

Transform develops links between the industrial world and the laboratory. Transform offers a diversity of services to companies including advices, consulting, scientific and technological assistance, training, short or long term research projects, etc. Transform is an ideal gate to the expertise and facilities of the laboratory for all kinds of companies and industrial partners.