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Systèmes colonnaires fortement absorbants

Directeur de thèse : Harald BOCK

High charge and exciton mobilities along the columns, the propensity to align homeotropically on conducting surfaces and the possibility to eliminate structural defects by self-healing make columnar liquid crystals promising materials for plastic photovoltaic cells.

In organic solar cells, at least two electronically complementary materials, one of donor- and the other of acceptor-type, have to be present to induce efficient charge separation at an internal p/n junction. In view of the scarcity of columnar LCs based on low electron-density (acceptor-type) aromatic systems, we have set out several years ago to develop a variety of electron-deficient, acceptor-substituted arenes that exhibit a hexagonal columnar mesophase at room temperature.

We have now found a new, extremely versatile class of strongly absorbing dyes, and the different members of this family cover with their absorption the whole of the visible spectrum. The subject of the PhD project proposed here is to develop the substitution patterns of these dyes in order to obtain columnar liquid crystalline materials at and around room temperature, and to evaluate their potential for organic photovoltaics.

Profil : chimiste organicien (synthèse)