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Nanostructured electrodes for implantable biosensors

PhD Offer

Presentation :

This thesis is part of the "ImplantSens" European research project aiming at the development of implantable electrochemical biosensors, allowing long-term pain-free control of glucose levels in diabetic patients, but also to develop future biosensors managing other chronic diseases. The consortium brings together seven leading scientific groups in Europe, with all the expertise needed to meet this ambitious goal, also supported by four companies. In this context, the Bordeaux team will develop nanostructured porous electrodes modified with enzymes inspired by concepts from our recent work (see also Nature Comm. 2018, 9:3229)

Keywords : Biosensors, Surface modification, Porous materials, Enzyme electrochemistry

Applicant profile : Strong background in physical chemistry, (bio)electrochemistry and materials science.

Financial support : Fellowship via the European project “ImplantSens”.

Contact :
Alexander Kuhn ISM - ENSCBP 16 avenue Pey Berland 33607 Pessac Tel : 05 56 84 65 97

Nicolas Mano Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal 115 avenue du Dr A. Schweitzer 33600 Pessac Tel : 05 56 84 30 22