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The Biotechnology and Bioengineering group studies experimental systems at the interface between biology, soft matter and materials to tackle current issues in energy, living systems and new therapeutic developments.

Our group relies on the skills of the teams of Nicolas Mano (Biopiles and Biosensors), Claire Stines-Chaumeil (Enzymology) and Jean-Christophe Baret (Soft Micro Systems, http://sms.crpp-bordeaux.cnrs.fr).

We combine our expertise in analytical chemistry, bioelectrochemistry, enzymology, screening, microfluidics and high resolution imaging to obtain quantitative information on complex systems (measurements of individual cells, local measurements in cells, enzymatic screening, electrochemical response, ...). We develop and use new tools applicable for synthetic biology (engineering of minimal functional systems, micro-compartments prebiotics, active soft matter, self-propulsion, ...), for the conversion of energy using biological systems (enzymatic biocells, microbial biopiles, bioelectrochemical autopropulsion, ...) or for therapeutics (new implantable functional materials, new drugs, new diagnostic methods, ...).

Recent Bibliography :

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