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Cyclic Aromatic NanoRibbons


Non-planar polycyclic aromatic compounds are now emerging as a new research area. This synthetic chemistry project aims at combining the domains of helicenes and carbon nanobelts, to push again their limits. Helicenes induce a twist once inserted in a cyclic nanoribbon, changing a nanobelt into a Möbius band. This would be the first example of a topologically non trivial polycyclic aromatic compound. We have developed a polyvalent strategy for the synthesis of large polycyclic aromatic compounds with carboxy substituents that allow high solubility of the molecules. Based on the Perkin reaction between arylacetic and arylglyoxylic building blocks, this method has produced a large variety of molecular architectures and thus fulfills all the requirements for this project.

Student Profile : Synthèse organique, purification et caractérisation de composés organiques. Master (Univ. Bordeaux) : COSV et MMF

- Fabien Durola
Centre de Recherche Paul Pascal (CRPP) UMR 5031
115 Av Schweitzer, 33600 Pessac, FRANCE ;
E-mail : Fabien DUROLA ; Tél : 05 56 84 56 27