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Post-doctoral scientist in metamaterials optics

Experimental and theoretical study of the optical properties of nanostructured all-dielectric metamaterial composites

Post-doctoral scientist in metamaterials optics

Experimental and theoretical study of the optical properties of nanostructured all-dielectric metamaterial composites

Objectives : Within the framework of Amadeus cluster of excellence of the University of Bordeaux, a strong multidisciplinary research activity has been devoted in recent years to the formulation, production and optical characterization of nanostructured metal-dielectric composite materials exhibiting unusual optical properties in visible light [1,3]. New composites based on dielectric inclusions are now developed to reduce the problem of optical losses attached to plasmonic nanoparticles. Considerable research efforts are currently made in the partner laboratories CRPP, ICMCB and LOF to synthesize low-loss meta-atoms and assemble all-dielectric metamaterials. Two main objectives emerge :
(i) Experimental detection of the electromagnetic response of the new generation of individual low-loss dielectric nano-resonators as well as extraction of optical parameters of the metamaterials assembled from these nano-resonators. A set of complementary techniques will be implemented, namely spectrophotometry, variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry, dark field microscopy, light scattering.
(ii) Theoretical interpretation of experimental data and development of effective medium models. The presence of intense electric and magnetic resonances within these new materials constitutes a strong theoretical challenge.

Work program :
- Two types of experimental studies will be carried out :
(i) optical measurements from techniques present at CRPP, namely spectrophotometry (which includes reflectance and transmittance at normal incidence), variable angle spectroscopic ellipsometry, light scattering. The materials immediately available within our consortium will be dilute suspensions and dense assemblies of dielectric nanoparticles of large refracting index exhibiting strong electric and magnetic resonances.
(ii) contribution to the development of a new setup of dark field microscopy devoted to the spectral analysis of the scattering of single dielectric nanoparticles.

- Analysis of data : Extraction of electromagnetic parameters (permittivity, permeability, refractive index) by inversion techniques. The characterization of optical magnetism will require the application of the latest models of non-locality and spatial dispersion.

Profile of applicant :
PhD with a good publication record as well as good written and oral skills. Physicist, with a solid background in optics and electromagnetism. A good experience in experimental optics and more precisely in ellipsometry and/or in dark field microscopy will be appreciated. An excellent ability to interact with materials chemists, physical-chemists, theoretical physicists within a multidisciplinary consortium will be essential.

Contact persons :
- Dr. Alexandre Baron +33 556 84 30 08

- Dr. Virginie Ponsinet +33 556 84 56 25

References :

[1] - V. PONSINET, P. BAROIS, et al., Phys. Rev. B 92, 2204140(R) (2015). “Resonant isotropic optical magnetism of plasmonic nanoclusters in visible light”
[2] - A. BARON, A. ARADIAN, V. PONSINET, P. BAROIS, Optics and Laser Technology, 82, 94-100 (2016). “Self-assembled optical metamaterials”
[3] - S. GOMEZ-GRAÑA, et al., Mater. Horiz., 3, 596-601 (2016). “Hierarchical self-assembly of a bulk metamaterial enables isotropic magnetic permeability at optical frequencies”