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Carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and graphene are promising materials for a large number of applications, from fibers and composites to transparent electrodes or bio-electrochemical devices. The development of such applications requires a treatment of the particles in liquids and polymers. This is challenging and raises many questions. The team is interested in these challenges and in the development of innovative ways of solubilization, dispersion and functionalization of CNTs and graphene. This work involves studies of carbon nanomaterials as polyelectrolytes or in solutions of polymers or surfactants, at equilibrium or under flow. The team also leads research in the engineering of new materials and devices such as nanocomposites, transparent electrodes, fiber microelectrodes, AFM tips, biological markers, sensors and actuators. These materials are developed in the framework of different projects towards applications in organic electronics, for the recovery and conversion of energy or bio-electrochemistry and imaging.