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The objective of the MaFIC team is to create novel functional materials based on self-assembly of basic building units such as surfactants, polymers, nanoparticles of various nature, shape and functions. Self-assembled nano- or meso-structures are used as templates to provide a wide choice of accessible morphologies which can be amorphous or organized in two or three dimensions, fluid or solid. Applications are targeted in chemistry (catalysis, energy storage), in optics (photonics, plasmonics), in acoustics or in biomedical domain for drug delivery.

Fundamental and applied research projects are developed with equal attention. They are co-funded by regional programs (IdEx Bordeaux, LabEx Amadeus, LaPhiA cluster, Conseil Régional d’Aquitaine), the National Agency for Research (ANR), international programs (EU-FP7, USAF-EOARD) and through many industrial partnerships. Most projects are conducted in collaborations with academic and/or industrial partners in Aquitaine and with many partners in France and abroad.

Multidisciplinary research is developed to cover the whole spectrum of tasks from material design, fabrication (combining chemical synthesis and multi-scale assembling), experimental characterization of structures and functions and modeling by theory and numerical approach.