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  • We are looking for a candidate to apply for a Post-doctoral fellowship program offered by the University of Bordeaux. The selected candidate will work on the design of new efficient biofuel cells.
  • We are particularly interested by candidates with a profile in biocompatibility to assess in vivo and in-vitro biocompatibility of the newly design devices and by candidates with expertise in bioelectrochemistry to characterize the new biofuel cells.
  • Please check carefully the eligibility criteria before contacting us:

Contact informations: Dr Jean Ripoche : Jean.Ripoche@u-bordeaux2.fr and Dr Marlène Durand marlene.durand@chu-bordeaux.fr for the biocompatibility profile

Dr Nicolas Mano : mano@crpp-bordeaux.cnrs.fr and Prof Alexander Kuhn : kuhn@enscbp.fr for the bioelectrochemical profile

Eligibility criteria can be found here: http://idex.u-bordeaux.fr/News/Attr...